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Storm drain mural initiative
 dane county, wisconsin
In the spring of 2018, Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership (MAMSWaP) and Dane County Land and Water Resources Department launched their Storm Drain Mural Initiative. Educators visit schools in Dane County to raise awareness about stormwater pollution, and explain that runoff entering storm drains flows untreated to local waterways. Using students’ drawings, I create designs that are painted with youth or community members.

View maps and images of storm drain murals here

Interested in a storm drain mural for your community?
Municipalities, teachers, organizations, or community groups are eligible!

2022 storm drains

Science Illustration

Junior Naturalist Program
Lussier Family Heritage Center
Madison, WI

In the summer of 2023, Dane County Parks' invited me to teach a science illustration class at the Junior Naturalist Camp at the Lussier Family Heritage Center. We played games to hone observation skills and stoke our curiosity, drew plants in detail to get comfortable with color and shape, and finally chose animals to study and paint. 
Each artist learned the natural history of their their animal and, over a week, painted an animal to be installed in the education room mural!

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