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Nature & ArT

I am an artist, ecologist, and educator focused on the strong relationship between nature and health. I create art that promotes conservation and enhances human and environmental well-being through a connection to nature.


Spending most of my childhood outdoors, I created my first mural at age 13, bringing the sky into my bedroom walls and ceiling. Now I specialize in nature and science themed mural art and illustration, with acrylics as my primary medium. I also delight in crafting installations with foraged natural materials that move me to assemble them as an ode to their ephemeral nature.


I am especially interested in spotlighting our cultural and ancestral connections to plants and leveraging art and nature to learn and heal. Capturing the science and ecology of systems through art is an exploration for me, and the viewer, into the intricacies of the living world. It drives us back to nature’s true classroom – the outdoors.


My artwork transforms spaces by filling the senses with vibrant color and lively imagery. Botanical, anatomical and landscape structures drive the flow of my work, which captures the ephemeral nature of our world. There is a magical feeling that the plants and animals in the images have come out to meet the viewer, drawing them deeper into their own imagination.

Whether illustrating the molecular structures of a cell or a vast landscape, or creating ephemeral art with natural materials, my work inspires viewers to wander and seek relationships with the pulsing life around us.

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As an ecologist and educator, Sonya has worked for organizations from the Monteverde Conservation League in Costa Rica to the Monterey Bay Aquarium of California and the Ashoka Trust for Ecology and the Environment in India.
Back in her home town of Madison, Wisconsin, Sonya has reached diverse communities as a consultant for Madison Parks, Public Health of Madison and Dane County and Dane County Parks. Her role in those teams has been to seek inclusive strategies and designs that reflect the communities they serve.


Sonya holds a Bachelor of Science in ecology from the University of San Diego, California and a master's degree in marine science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. She is a Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter, actively interpreting with clinics and hospitals in Madison, Wisconsin.

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